Who are we?

Cuba Tv (www.cubatv.icrt.cu) is the multimedia voice with interactive possibilities of the web 2.0 of Cuban journalists who have as responsability to produce television programs to contribute to increase the national and international  information level of the Cuban people and to contribute with the constant superation of its general and integral culture with universal projection and participation, being possible in the national system or in the  telecentres of the country. It  is our intention with this page to create an space to share information comprehending any type of information program, news, debate programs, coverage of scientific, sports and cultural events.

This digital publishing has its edition in Spanish (with one version in English) and its main resources are time and work of the journalist of the information system of the Cuban Television and the Caribbean Channel. Our team invites to the collaboration with this web site and to the participation with this digital project which intends to tell truths and to offer and objective information of the Cuban reality.