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Terms and Conditions

It is a necessary requirement you to read and accept the following Terms and Conditions which rule the access and use of Cuba TV and all of its secondary subdomains or domains including their contents and services being available in the following address The use of the portal Cuba TV demands the complete adhesion of the customer to the present Terms and Conditions of Use.

Cuba TV will update the conditions exposed in this document, as well as legal notices, guidelines and/or rules of use and that according to the cases will substitute, complete and/or modify the Terms and Conditions here gathered at any moment without previous announcement to the customer. That is why, it is recommended to be consulted periodically.  While accessing to Cuba TV you will be accepting the actual Terms and Conditions. All the information created by or for our web site can be offered by other web page, in such case they will be subjected to the Terms and Conditions here presented.

Through the portal Cuba TV, the customer will have access and/or use diverse services and contents at the disposal of the costumers by the Information system of the Cuban Television, Caribbean Channel and/or by their providers of Services and Contents in the correspondent centers of every province in Cuba. All of the information products offered in Cuba TV are property of our content generators and providers.

Cuba TV will have the right to deny, restrict or condition the customer the access to the Portal, total or partially, if he/she modifies the content offered in the portal at any moment, circumstance and without previous announcement to our Editorial Board to be used with any political or economic benefit or the accomplishment of activities contrary to the laws, the moral, good customs and the public order established by the law.

In the event that you want to acquire periodically any of our information products, it will be necessary the registration of the customer, with personal data. The customer can unsubscribe of those products at any moment in the event he was registered. Cuba TV is not responsible in the case that your personal data could be use by third people. Cuba TV is not responsible either for any damage or loss of any kind that could be caused due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Portal operation.


The information system of the Cuban Television and the Caribbean Channel through its web site gives license to the customers who use their information products or contents offered in this web site according to the Terms and Conditions of Use described in this document.

Use and Property Right

Cuba TV has all the rights over the titles and contents (including audio, photography, illustrations, graphics, videos, copies, texts, software and other visual media), codes, data and materials, the aspect and the ambiance the design and the organization of the Portal.

Cuba TV is the only owner of the copy right, brand right, patent right and any other intellectual property. The use of the portal does not concede to the customer property of any of our contents, codes, data or materials that could have access through the domain and of its subdomains. Using our contents and information products is only allowed with legitimate purposes and in way it does not infringe, restrict or inhibit the use or enjoyment of these.

Any distribution, publication or promotion of the Portal or any of the contents, code, data or materials in this, is strictly forbidden unless the customer gives proper credit to Cuba TV as the source. The customer could download, inform, expose, publish, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, transfer, create works derived as long as it is  adjusted to the fulfillment of the copyright. The customer cannot alter, edit, erase, take away, or in any way change the meaning, the appearance as well as changing the purpose of any of the contents, code, data or available materials through the portal of Cuba TV.

On the other hand, the customer recognizes that he/she does not have any property right while downloading any information or content product with copyright through the Portal. If the customer makes another use of the same, the contents, the code or materials found there or that are available through the Portal, unless the way it was stipulated before, can violate the laws of the copy right and other laws of the Republic of Cuba as well as the enforceable state laws and can be subject to legal responsibility for non authorized use.

Non authorized use

In the case that he/she applies for (software sales, temples, and other design and program product) you cannot place any of our products, modified or without being modified in a CD, web site or any other means and offer them for the redistribution or reselling of any kind. The customer could not declare intellectual or exclusive property to any of our products modified or without being modified. Unless the contrary is not specified, our products are given without any kind of warranty, expressed or implicit.

Responsibility for content or sections

Cuba TV supplies to the customer varied information through the diverse ¨Services¨ and ¨Sections¨ just as they are displayed  in the main page or of entrance (¨Home¨)  of the Portal. The information appeared in these sections can be supplied by third people that is why Cuba TV is not responsible for the accuracy or loyalty of these. The declarations and concepts issued in the interviews and opinion articles are from the exclusive responsibility of their authors. It is either responsible for the accuracy of the right hours and places in these sections which are exclusively responsibility of their providers.

Information copy right

The information copy right of third people which is published in Cuba TV belong to their respective authors and its publication in Cuba TV is done with no intention to make money and with an information purpose.

Contents and services

Cuba TV is the multimedia voice with interactive possibilities of the web 2.0 of Cuban journalist which have as a social task to produce television programs which contribute to increase the national and international information level of the Cuban people and contribute with constant growth of your general culture with universal projection and participation, either in the national system or the country telecentres. With this page we intend to create a space to share information comprehending any kind of information program, news, debate program, coverage of sports and cultural events.

 This digital publication is issued in Spanish (with one version in English) and its only resources are time and work of its collaborators. Our team invites to the collaboration with this web site and the participation in this digital project which intends to tell truths and offer an objective and accurate information of the Cuban reality.

And next, we refer some of the contents and services offered by Cuba TV


Information and/or multimedia products are shown (programs, articles and podcast) remarked by the criterion of the Editorial Board of the Information System of the Cuban Television and the Caribbean Channel.


Points of view of journalists of the Information System of the Cuban Television and the Caribbean Channel, also politics personalities about Cuban and International affairs.


Cuban actuality offered through the information contents and products created by the journalists of the Information System of the Cuban Television and the Caribbean Channel.


Images, photographs and graphic opinions which illustrate historical and nowadays events.



The editorial board of Cuba TV will make all the reasonable efforts to try to guarantee the availability and access to the Portal as well as its services, 24/7 365. However, sometimes, and for example due to some aspects such as the supply of new connections, addressing changes and/or  the updating of necessary maintenance operations which in general, implies the suspension of the use or access of the Portal, several interruptions may occur for the necessary time to do such tasks.

Responsibility limitation for virus

The portal customer understands and accepts that Cuba TV does not guarantees in any way that the texts files or available graphics to be downloaded by the customer, according to these announcements, will be free of viruses, Troy horses or codes having contaminating character and destructive; the customer is responsible to adopt the measures and check ups enough to guarantee the accuracy of the information downloaded from the Portal,  and he/she is also responsible for the maintenance of any information reconstructive  means in the event of a loss.

  Informatics crimes

Cuba TV will make its best security efforts to keep the integrity of the Portal, to fulfill what is established in any Conditions, Politics and legal Terms. Cuba TV is not responsible of any damage that could occur due to illegal manipulation of informatics systems of the customer. In this sense, Cuba TV urges the customers to notify through the Webmaster of any malfunctioning in the Portal.

Links to web pages of third people

Cuba TV could contain links to web sites which are controlled and kept by third people. Cuba TV will make its best for the publish links to be available but it is not responsible for the availability of this information.

Hyperlinks uses

It is strictly forbidden, within the portal, the publishing, transmission, download or link of any material of vulgar, illegal or offensive content in any way, for not being removed from the system and be submitted to the enforceable legal actions.

Contributions to Cuba TV

While sharing any contribution (including any text, photography, graphic, video or audio) with Cuba TV you can make a commitment to give to Cuba TV, free of charges, the permission to use the material in any way that Cuba TV considers convenient (including the modification, adaptation and translation of its contribution for operative or editorial reasons), in all of the cases and as long as you agree your name will be shown as author of the contribution.

Cuba TV is not obliged to publish or translate the received contributions


Cuba TV reserves the right to enable the mechanism of comments to some of the published articles or comments. Comments are the opinion of the customer and it is not necessarily the position or opinion of Cuba TV. While being inserted they enter in the line of moderation and should be published in a brief period of time. At any case, Cuba TV reserves the right to publish them, eliminating the ones out of subject or use nasty, violent, racist terms, containing offenses or being contrary to the law.


The web Portal guarantees that the personal information you send counts on the necessary security. The data admitted by the customer or in the case it requires a validation of the request will not be given to third people, unless it should be revealed to fulfill a legal order or legal requirements.

The registration to email bulletins with information products and contents is voluntary and could be elected while entering the site.

Notifications to Cuba TV

In the event that you detect any irregularity, violation of these terms and conditions or you want to make clear any doubt related to our services you can write to our email accounts or

If you have any complaint or suggestion of our contents you can address o write to the following post address: Radio and Television Cuban Institute. 23rd St. number 258 between L and M. Vedado. Havana. Cuba. CP 10400. You should use at least one of the following senders: Information system of the Cuban Television, Caribbean Channel, or web page Cuba TV team work.

You can also address to the following: Cuban Journalist Union (UPEC): 23rd St number 452 A corner Vedado. Havana. Cuba. CP:10400

Enforceable law

The conditions of use and politics of this Portal web will be interpreted in all of its parts by the law of the Republic of Cuba

Legal domicile         

To all the legal effects derived from the use of this Portal web, it is elected as domicile Havana, Republic of Cuba, to the jurisdiction of whose courts declare to be submitted the parts.

Change of the Terms and Conditions           

Cuba TV, Portal web of the information system of the Cuban Television and the Caribbean Channel reserves the right to change or modify these terms without previous announcement.

Editorial Board of Cuba TV, November 9th 2017