Hospital ¨Miguel Enriquez¨ recovered after fire


On January 10, the Teaching Hospital “Miguel Enríquez”, in the capital city Diez de Octubre, was the scene of a fire of medium proportions, caused by negligence. Four months after the incident, the installation is completely recovered, and the strict application of the corresponding security measures is observed to avoid the repetition of incidents.

A cigar thrown in a trash can originated the sinister

A cigar thrown into a waste container inside the hall located on the first floor of Block A of the hospital. This was the origin of the fire that made Miguel Enriquez news in the early hours of January 10 of this year.

After the incident, a high perception of fire risks is observed in each area of ​​the installation, and measures are taken to prevent new incidents.

The Teaching Hospital Miguel Enríquez is today a safer facility, for the will to involve workers, patients and family in a prevention strategy, which in the context of the celebration of the national week of fire protection, becomes a model to follow in the country.


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