Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The brochure for the Constitution Project of the Republic of Cuba counts on the highest demand in the post offices and press sales posts where they sell out quickly.

The popular consultation about the text will start officially in the next days but the debate in the streets has already started.

The project is consequent with the debates expressed by Raúl Castro in the first National Conference of the Party on January 28th 2012, when he quoted (…) leaving behind the burden of old mentality and forging with transforming intention and a lot of political sensibility the vision towards present and future of our homeland without abandoning not for an instant the Martian legacy and Marxism-Leninism doctrines which constitutes the main ideological pillar of our revolution process.

The text reaffirms the socialist character of our political, economic and social system and also the role of the rector of Communist Party as leading force of the State society (…)

Main aspects of the Constitution aspects of the Anti-project Constitution

It is about a new proposal of the new Constitution of the Republic coming out of a process of total reform to the protection of the article 137 of the actual Magna Carta in attention to the deep changes proposed.

A socialist state of  democratic, independent and sovereign rights

it defines the Cuban state as a socialist State of democratic, independent and sovereign rights organized with all and for the sake of all as a unitary republic founded in the work, dignity and the ethics of the citizens, which aims to the enjoyment and political liberty, equality, justice and social right, the solidarity, humanism, welfare and individual and collective prosperity.

We should outline that the proposal increases the supremacy of the Constitution inside the law order and enforcement and fulfillment by every citizen as well as the empire of the laws and the performance of the state institutions, their officials and the country.

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