Electronic Government, a future closer to the people

Electronic Government, a future closer to the people

In this same space we have criticized the bureaucracy in the processes of procedures to access basic services. A subject that is not solved yet despite the measures adopted in a timely manner in some territories. Time that is lost, discomfort, and in many cases the problem is not answered.

But in times when access to information and communication technologies increases the so-called electronic government may be a relief.

As with electronic commerce, through which you can pay for most services with your magnetic card, in the electronic government the population can file a complaint, request information, or perform a procedure through the websites created by the DESOFT company in all the provinces.

The process has been slow, say those who implement it and has gone through difficulties, especially due to organizational and infrastructure problems.


It is a young process, which gradually gains in interaction with the people. In some municipalities there are already answers to the concerns of those who write, but not all the possibilities have yet been created to carry out procedures from that digital platform. It is unfortunate that companies, institutions, and the included bank, insert themselves in full so that the system of procedures and payments can be truly applied in this way. It is an aspiration of its creators that must become a reality in the path of computerization of Cuban society.

In a visit to the headquarters of the computer company of the Council of the Administration of Havana, from where all the communication that the Havanaians send to the two sites of the capital, Havana Mia and Havana 500, we received that the main topics On which the population seeks information and response, are the housing, the sale of construction materials, the collection of solid waste and the shortage of food. Issues, that without doubts, can be common for all the country. Perhaps, some of them may not have the solution expected at the moment, but it is processed case by case by the local administrations. These are steps in favor of greater communication and, above all, the necessary transparency.

As a positive we also see the exchange that takes place with the ministers and the population through their Twitter accounts. Experts have expressed this on the subject of the Ministry of Communications. In order to offer a better service to the population, the ideal would be to create a one-stop system, a digital space where the different procedures that a citizen should carry out are concentrated. Enter the government portal and from there contact all the organizations you need for your procedure. That is the will of the government at the highest level, and that is the commitment of those who, from the base, begin to implement it. While these aspirations are complete, you have to be more agile in the real offices, those that are maintained with long lines and with extensive paperwork and rally. Direct contact with people, good treatment and sensitivity can not be neglected, because those in They interact with the people, from that digital government, they are also people.



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