Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The U.S President Donald Trump, emitted a proclamation to keep the so called national emergency regarding Cuba, and to keep the ships mooring and movement.

According to Prensa Latina, the regulation emitted by the White House, mentioned in a direct way the similar resources of March 1st 1996, on February 26th  2004, and February 2016.

Trump presented eight justifications in this determination and among them he made reference to the impact of the Cuban migration and the economic situation of the island.

He appointed that the non authorized entrance of ships subject to the U.S jurisdiction in Cuban waters violates the U.S law and it is contrary to the policy of his country.

He also recalled that the U.S keeps on maintaining the embargo against Cuba, a policy which existence of more than 55 years is rejected by almost all of the world and to which is opposed the majority of the U.S citizens.

On the other hand, he made allusion to the so called Presidential Memorandum of the National Security about the strengthening of the U.S policy against Cuba singed by him in Miami, Florida on June 16th 2017.

This document restricts the trips of the U.S citizens to the Caribbean country from the democratic barriers and the elimination of education visits and individual wise.

Besides, it prohibits the economic, commercial and financial transactions among U.S companies and Cuban enterprises linked to the Revolution  Armed Forces and the services of intelligence and security.

In this way, and as it was considered by the government of the island in a declaration, the additional gaps to the restricted opportunities that the U.S trade sector are imposed to trade and invest in Cuba.

From the victory of the Republican Party on  the presidential elections of 2016, the arrival to power by Trump and the state of the ultraconservative forces, it has been proved a step behind in the process of normalization of the relation between both countries.

Several times, Cuba has expressed its intention to continue the approach started by the democratic administration of Barrack Obama in late 2014 having as a basis the respect, independence and the no intrusion in its internal affairs.

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