Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, made a call to the Caribbean and Latin American unity to cope with the menaces of the North American government, inside a complicated region scenery.

While arriving to Havana to begin a work visit to Cuba, the chief of Venezuelan diplomacy underlined to the press the challenges of our countries before the threat of Washington against sovereign nations and their progress governments.

By instruction of the President Nicolas Maduro is making a tour through countries which have interests in common and belong to the Bolivarian Alliance for the countries of our America.

In this sense, the Venezuelan Chancellor outlined that ¨Cuba and Venezuela are in the bull´s eye of imperialism which is now in a higher phase with Donald Trump´s administration.

He expressed that during his visit to Cuba he will meet with the Minister of Foreign Affair Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla and other authorities of the government.

Later, he highlighted that this tour will also include Nicaragua and San Vicente and the Grenadines. His homologue Jorge Arreaza thanked the love and permanent solidarity from Cuba and the Bolivarian Revolution and the commander Hugo Chavez.

¨Thanks for all the solidarity with the President Nicolas Maduro, who is fighting and resisting the attacks of imperialism, but most of all is that we are winning¨, assured Arreaza.

The announcement was made after signing a pre agreement between the Venezuelan government and the opposition sectors in Dominican Republic, a country where negotiations to achieve a sound relation between both nations, are developed.

Likewise, the announcement takes place when the secretary of the State Department of the U.S, Rex Tillerson, begins a tour through five countries of the Latin American region, having among the main aims of the agenda the subject of Venezuela.

Which are the countries that Rex Tillerson will visit?

The Secretary State Rex Tillerson undergoes a visit a tour through Latin America and the Caribbean which will take him to Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Jamaica.

The relations between the governments of the U.S and Venezuela go more than a decade through political vagaries of lower and higher intensity.

After the sanctions that the U.S imposed last August to the Venezuelan government and Venezuela´s petrol, the main enterprise of the South American country, the President Nicolas Maduro blames the government of Donald Trump from a ¨financial blockade¨.

Besides, Maduro accuses constantly to the U.S of being behind alleged disruptive plans of the opposition.

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