Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Being in any country rather Latin American inside a Mall and listening among the people the voice of a mother screaming, He was taken away! He was taken away! One of those screams which remain in your soul for several days; turn around, look for the voice, listening to a Sir who says, he is here lady and seeing a three year old little boy running towards his mom crying with fear and the latter hold him with the same fear, maybe thinking she would have never seen him again. Seeing a scene like this and not exactly in a soap opera or a movie but in the real world, is to realize how safely people live in Cuba.

Even more when you stop before that woman cry together with her but you realize the world keeps his route and none of those thousands of people which were in the mall got close to give words of comfort and security. In a country like Cuba with difficulties that is true, also with materials really scarce you will never see scenes like this. A child can get lost in a park but in a few minutes you can listen over the loudspeaker the call to his parents.

But not only childhood is safe in an island like this one. There are many elements taken into account even international wise while speaking of the safety of a country. Exactly a couple of months ago in the context of the 38th edition of the International Fair of Tourism in Spain, inaugurated by the King and Queen of this country, where participated the main European and Canadian tour operators, Cuba received the Excellency prize as the safest country for tourism.

It is not worthy at all that the political and media campaigns launched by the U.S government with caricature arguments accusing Cuba  of sonic attacks to officials of the U.S embassy and positioning this country among the group of countries not recommended to travel for the American people.

But talking about security in Cuba is to talk about free education, free health, terms that have turned vitiated, I could even say they have turned a cliché, because since we were born we see as normal and even compulsory these services to the population. Is it true that there are problems of control and discipline in these services today? That’s true, but that will be another subject to talk about in our comments which remains a relief is to know that these services are obliged without taking into account race, religion, social status, economic resources. That is also security in a country.

We could number many aspects, there are not fire weapons for sale, like in any country in the world there is tourism mobbing, but any crime is punished by the law. These are indicators which also speak about a safe country. Do you want a greater safety than leaving every morning your son or daughter at school without being scared to be surprised by a telephone call of a cross fire in the school center?

Just next May 16th the Cuban government will present in Geneva, Switzerland, its advances regarding the human rights in the last 5 years, while attending for the third time in the Universal Periodical Examination, a mechanism sponsored by the Human Rights Board, UN body, to which the island submitted before in February 2009 and May 2013.

An island economically blockaded for more than 50 years with scarce materials and a red light for everyone to recover values and behavior patterns contaminated by a cultural globalization which concern inside and outside the country. But we should be careful for not stop being that safe country everybody helped to construct.

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