1 dead every 5 minutes in Peru, by Covid-19


With the fearsome rate of one death every five minutes, Peruvians face the worst moment of the pandemic with an apparent relaxation of prevention measures, despite the fact that the Brazilian variant of Covid-19 is accelerating infections in the already prolonged second wave that shakes the country.

Although Peru has tried almost all the measures applied to mitigate the pandemic – strict quarantine, border closures, curfews, mandatory use of masks and face masks, among others – nothing seems to stop the advance of the virus, which has officially caused the death of more than 58 thousand people in a year in a country with 33 million inhabitants.

So far in April, the Peruvian Ministry of Health reports the death of almost six thousand people, which exceeds the deaths of last February, which were 5,500 people by Covid. The second wave in Peru began in January and accelerated its growth last February, when the authorities warned the entry of the Brazilian variant, which is present in 10 of the 25 regions of the country.



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