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Salvador Valdés Mesa visits the Guanabacoa Silos Company

Salvador Valdés Mesa visits the Guanabacoa Silos Company

The Member of the Political Bureau and First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Salvador Valdés Mesa, together with party authorities and the government of the capital visited the Silos Company based in the Morning Cast of the Popular Council Habana Nueva, municipality of Guanabacoa

It is a site made up of eight circular tanks, a kind of tanks – made up of galvanized zinc sheets on concrete bases -, destined to store corn in grain. They have a capacity of two thousand tons per capita, but since last February they closed doors as a result of a marked deterioration. Valdés Mesa learned that the civil resuscitation of the granaries is carried out by a brigade of the Julio Antonio Mella Contingent, whose members started from last July with the commitment of, in a first stage until December, to conclude four, but advanced in the schedule, already they finished two, and they calculate that the other two remaining, are ready in September.

In the opinion of Valdés Mesa, it is a favorable element to take advantage of, and he indicated that he also made progress, as far as availability permits, in mechanical repairs (reducers, sweepers, and other damages), together with the effort to try to conclude during October and November the remaining four silos, in addition to those provided for in the plan, which sets such tasks for a second stage, in 2020, highlighted the digital site of the Tribune of Havana.


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