Cuba: Guaranteed teacher coverage for special education


A favorable situation exhibits the Cienfuegos educational system for the 2019-2020 school year that will open its doors on September 2.

The preparation of all teaching staff from the school to the province, as well as the assurance of each of the processes will allow the opening of a higher school period.

Among those schools repaired and ready for the school year are also those of special education, which are educational centers that provide attention to students who, due to their motor or intellectual limitations, cannot attend those of general education. Cuba places special interest in that training is aimed at forming attitudes and skills that allow them a certain level of independence, in that purpose teachers are very important.

This year, more than MIL 400 young graduates of pedagogical schools will be incorporated into the classrooms of special schools. This teaching subsystem, in addition to showing a favorable situation on the subject of teacher coverage, prepares its students to transition to regular education and offers highly specialized services, as detailed in the online interview with authorities of the Ministry of Education conducted this Monday through the Granma website. The reality of special schools in Cuba has changed significantly in the years of the Revolution. Before 1959 the enrollment barely exceeded 130 students in special education and today that figure exceeds 30 thousand in the institutions dedicated to it, which exist in each municipality of the country, and the stigmas that were associated are a thing of the past , because part of the students finish their training in general education schools.

Today there is an attended enrollment of more than 11 thousand children in regular education schools, they are those who achieve skills and knowledge that allow them to be included in regular education centers. In the care of children with special educational needs it becomes a priority to achieve greater training of specialized teachers, but also to contribute to the training of general education teachers so that they can better contribute to these students reach their full potential.



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